Join Team Tekdeep with rEvo Rebreathers at The Birmingham Dive Show

Yes, Team Tekdeep will be at the Birmingham Dive Show again this weekend. We will be attending as part of the rEvo Rebreathers Stand so in addition to talking about all things rEvo, if you ask nicely we might even tell you about our dedicated Technical Safari Boat project, Tekdeep Legends which will be gracing the [...]

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Exploration and Kit Testing in Bali

A few days of exploration checking new dive sites up and down Bali's East coast. Also having the pleasure of Chris Kennedy out testing his new travel sidemount radial can mCCR. Cracking out great in water time refining the unit.

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Successful IANTD Normoxic Trimix KISS CCR Instructor Course in Bali

Very big congratulations to Dave Woodward who successfully completed his IANTD Normoxic Trimix KISS CCR Instructor course and evaluation. Dave is a great benefit to the network of KISS divers and instructors in the South East Asian area and is now able to offer 60m mixed gas training through IANTD.

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Testing the Bonex AquaPROP in Bali

Great fun testing the AquaPROP scooter which has is made by Bonex. This is a great scooter for it's size, an ideal travel unit. We are happy to announce that we have a range of Bonex scooters that we can offer both diver and instructor training on. Contact us for more details.

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Instructor Development Course in Bali

Having a great time, awesome dives and in depth discussions on the IANTD Normoxic Trimix CCR Diver and Instructor Development Course at Tekdeep Asia

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Firmware Update for Shearwater NERD to V10

A problem in NERD firmware v09 for DiveCAN models has been identified. It affects the PPO2 used for decompression calculations. Any DiveCAN users of NERD v09 should upgrade to v10 firmware. Use Shearwater Desktop to update to the latest firmware (NERD v10). Fischer NERD users are unaffected, but can update if desired. The Petrel and [...]

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Technical Guiding in Bali

We not only teach but we also guide visiting technical divers to the best sites in East Bali. Here a photo of a recent open circuit team dive. Thanks to Marc for sharing, and Scott for the photo.

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Gas Blending in Bali

Back in the office and getting gas sorted. Many of you who have dived mix with us know Gede our trusty stage handler, well he is now getting to be a mixer of magic gas. Today's order is some classic special reserve Tx10/60

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Introduction To The Dark Side in Bali

Great day of rebreather try diving today at Tekdeep Asia. David is looking at converting to the closed circuit revolution. We ran him through the APD Evolution+, Poseidon Mk6, and rEvo eXpedition Micro Full rMS. The dark side strikes again.

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A Busy Few Weeks at Tekdeep Asia

Been a very busy few weeks here at Tekdeep Asia, and the training calendar has been non stop go go go. We have been doing everything from sidemount to advanced mixed gas CCR. Catching up now and would like to congratulate Joel Pringle from Adelaide for completing the IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix rEvo CCR Diver [...]

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