Team Tekdeep At ADEX

Here is Marc Crane from Tekdeep Asia, keeping busy this weekend at ADEX in Singapore :)

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It’s All Good Fun In Bali!

Technical diving in Bali certainly looks fun doesn't it? If you want to see some of the best technical dive sites Bali has to offer, be sure to get in touch! It will be a trip you won't forget :)

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Joining The Dark Side

Had the pleasure of having one of the founders of the Jakarta Wreck Divers over to complete his rEvo Rebreather diver course. Richard Rigby finally made the leap and joined the dark side and loves it. Well done Rich and hope to see you soon to smash out some more hours but this time hopefully [...]

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An Excellent Week of CCR Diving on Bali

Still enjoying excellent diving here on Bali. This week saw Gary Pyle from Perth complete his IANTD Normoxic Trimix CCR Poseidon MkVI Diver at Tekdeep Asia HQ. Lots of drills and skills and a massive learning curve was eagerly eaten up by Gary in the 760 minutes of in water time clocked up. Well done [...]

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Searching The Area With The Help of a Scooter

A great day of discovery and exploration with a couple of new dive sites checked thanks to the Bonex scooter. Amazing landscape and formations on an epic wall with a wealth of critters and creatures, from macro to massive. On the spotted list today on this single 60m dive we had white tip reef sharks, [...]

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New Booster Pump Arrives At Tekdeep Asia

We are some very happy people here at Tekdeep Asia as our new Haskel AGR-15/30 oxygen booster has just arrived. Now we can really deliver all gas requirements, even for the twinsets!

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Tekdeep Cave Exploration

We are still going through the material from our recent cave exploration trip but as you can see from this photo, it was very successful! Thanks to Liz Rogers for the great shot :)

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Dive-Rite Accessories Now Available From Tekdeep Asia

Dive Rite have been at the forefront of equipment development for cave, technical and sidemount diving for 30 years. Tekdeep Asia is very happy to announce that we now have a range of accessories and sidemount systems for you to try or buy. Contact the Tekdeep Asia Team for more details

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IANTD Advanced Trimix CCR Diver Completed in Bali

Awesome final dive on the IANTD Advanced Trimix CCR Diver course this morning. 102m depth with a nice white tip reef shark as an escort on descent at 50-65m. Epic viz and a close encounter with a Mola Mola at 95m and a massive black tip reef shark joining us on ascent and to the first [...]

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Tekdeep Courses Now Available Throughout Asia

At Tekdeep, we believe that your geographical location should be a limitation when it comes to becoming a technical diver and with this philosophy in mind we have some great news! Not only can you conduct your technical diving with Tekdeep in the UK and Egypt, you can now continue your technical diver training throughout [...]

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