Something for Everyone On MV Legends This August!

Escape for some amazing sun and sea in Egypt this August by joining our "Something for Everyone" trip onboard our very own MV Legends Technical Safari Boat. Dates: 5th August to 12th August 2017.  See some of the best dive sites the Northern Red Sea has to offer. Wrecks, Reefs. Shallow Dives, Deep Dives. This [...]

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A Little Bit of Sofnolime!

All prepared for a week of Deep Rebreather Diving in the Northern Red Sea. We certainly don't need this much Sofnolime when we have rEvo Rebreathers onboard ­čśé

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Congratulations to Haukur from Tekdeep Egypt

Congratulations to Haukur ├×├│r ├×orvar├░arson who became a qualified rEvo Rebreather Diver with Tekdeep Egypt last week. He even got the opportunity to head out on safari with us after his course to get plenty of in-water experience on the unit. Welcome to the #TekdeepFamily Haukur! Here he is with his rEvo Rebreather Instructor Anze [...]

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A Difficult Commute To The Office

Some days the commute to the office can be so difficult. It is a hard life. When will you be joining us? :)

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Perfect Weather Conditions for Great Diving in Egypt

The sun is shining, the sea is perfectly calm, there is no wind at all...a perfect for diving the Red Sea. Why are you not with us?  

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Travelling Light

Here at Tekdeep we believe in travelling light

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2 JJ Rebreathers, 2 rEvo Rebreathers and 3 DiveX Sierra Scooters!

It was certainly a good day on the boat for the Tekdeep Egypt team yesterday. 2 JJ Rebreathers, 2 rEvo Rebreathers and 3 DiveX Sierra Scooters. All this combined makes for a great day diving :)  

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It’s Not All Diving

We love to dive but we also love a good night out here at Tekdeep. Here is the team enjoying a post dive dinner at our favourite restaurant in El Gouna, Zia Amelia. :)  

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Deep Trimix and Mini Safari on Deep Dark

A combination of deep trimix teaching and mini-safari this week on board Deep Dark Safari with Tekdeep Egypt. Looking forward to a great week :)

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rEvo Advanced Trimix Course Completed in Egypt

A big thumbs up to Ally McDowell aka Tech Pixie on completing her CCR Advanced Trimix with the rEvo Rebreather at our facility in El Gouna, Egypt.

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