Join Us For Hurghada Dive Fest 2016!

Exciting News from the Tekdeep Egypt Team. The dates for Hurghada Dive Fest 2016 have now been set. 29th April to 13th May 2016 and the event will be bigger and better than ever. The Hurghada Dive Fest event has grown significantly since its inception and we guarantee that 2016 will be something special. What [...]

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Flat, Calm and Inviting – The Red Sea!

Classic #TekdeepFamily photo today. Taken during one of our Hurghada Dive Fest​ events, look how flat, calm and inviting the sea looks. And people wonder why we suggest that they come to Egypt for diving :)

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Love Is In The Air

Nobody can deny just how much ‪#‎TekdeepFamily‬ members love each other!

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Getting Ready To Dive During Dive Fest

Long time #TekdeepFamily Member Alan Chestnutt getting ready to dive during Hurghada Dive Fest

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The Tekdeep Family Member We Now Don’t See Very Often

It may be a while since we have seen him but that doesn't mean we don't miss him. #TekdeepFamily member Henrik Lynge during one of our Hurghada Dive Fest Events. You will always be a member of the family Henrik and hopefully we will see you in the land of sand sometime soon :)  

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Another Happy Member of the Tekdeep Family

Another happy member of the #TekdeepFamily. This time it's Steve Harriss getting back on boat during one of our Hurghada Dive Fest​ Events.

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Very Happy Tekdeep Family Members

Very happy ‪#‎TekdeepFamily‬ members. If I remember rightly, this was the evening that Brian found the Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misr during Hurghada Dive Fest

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Tekdeep Family During Dive Fest

Thanks to John Woollard for this #TekdeepFamily photo taken during one of our Hurghada Dive Fest​ Events. Family Members include: Simon, Lee, Brian and Paul Share your Tekdeep Family photos at: http://dive.im/TekdeepFamily

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Wrecks of the Red Sea from Hurghada Dive Fest 2014

This is just a small sample of some the great diving we do here during Hurghada Dive Fest. This fantastic video from Brian Busuttil covers just a few of the wrecks of the Red Sea but ranges from the shallow wrecks at 20-30m down to the amazing Gulf Fleet 31 at 105m.   Wrecks Include: Kimon [...]

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[VIDEO] Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misri

This fantastic video from Brian Busuttil shows the Tekdeep team take over the wreck of the Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misri during this years Hurghada Dive Fest Event!  

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