A Successful rEvo Rebreather MOD3 In The Red Sea

Join us in congratulating Tina Jørgensen who recently completed her 100m CCR Trimix ticket using rEvo Rebreathers at Tekdeep Egypt.   Well done Tina. We are proud to have you as a member of the #TekdeepFamily

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Another Successful rEvo Rebreather Course in Egypt

Congratulations to Andrew Davies on joining the rEvolution and becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Diver with Tekdeep Egypt. Look at that smiling face as he sits on our very own technical liveaboard, MV Legends! Well done Andrew! We are proud to welcome to you to the #TekdeepFamily

Successful rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer Course in Egypt

Congratulations to Jani Santala on becoming a rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer this week with Tekdeep Egypt. Here he is with Simon (rEvo Instructor Trainer Trainer), Barry White from Tekdeep UK and Alex from Tekdeep Egypt! Well Done Jani!

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Successful rEvo Rebreather Crossover in Egypt

Congratulations to Pier Mane on crossing over to rEvo Rebreathers this week. Here he is celebrating with rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Simon Taylor-Watson, beside our very own MV Legends Technical Safari Boat. :)  

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Crossover to a rEvo Rebreather at NDAC This March

Would you like to experience the power of the rEvo Rebreather? Would you like to learn what makes this CCR different to any other on the market? Are you currently a qualified Rebreather Diver? If you can answer yes to all 3 of these questions, this post is for you! Tekdeep UK currently have space [...]

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More rEvo Rebreather Congratulations at Tekdeep Egypt

Congratulations to Tian Li on becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Diver this week, with new rEvo Rebreathers Instructor Yong Yu and rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer Simon.   Congratulations to 2 fantastic new #TekdeepFamily members!

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Celebrating rEvo Rebreather Instructor Success

Join us in congratulating Yong Yu from China on becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Instructor this week, following his course with Simon, rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer at Tekdeep. Well done and we are proud to welcome you to the #TekdeepFamily  

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rEvo Rebreather Instructor Course Continues

Our rEvo Rebreather Instructor Course continues at Tekdeep Egypt. Instructor Candidate Yong Yu and rEvo Rebreather Student Tian Li packing scrubbers, ready for a great day diving at Sha’ab Ruhr Umm Gamar in the glorious Red Sea. […]

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rEvo Rebreather Instructor Training at Tekdeep Egypt – Day Two: Pool Sessions

Day 2 of our rEvo Rebreather Instructor Training Course at Tekdeep Egypt with rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Simon Taylor-Watson. Time for our Chinese Instructor Candidate, Yong Yu and rEvo Rebreather Student, Tian Li to undertake some pool sessions. […]

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Doing What We Do Best – Teaching Technical Diving

Doing what we do best at Tekdeep - Teaching Technical Diving! #TekdeepFamily Member Oliver Wosnitza becoming a Normoxic rEvo Rebreathers Diver

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