Doing What We Do Best – Teaching Technical Diving

Doing what we do best at Tekdeep - Teaching Technical Diving! #TekdeepFamily Member Oliver Wosnitza becoming a Normoxic rEvo Rebreathers Diver

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It’s a hard life in Egypt

Life really is difficult sometimes isn't it? :)

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Rebreather Diving and Twinset Diving in Egypt

#‎Rebreather‬ diving, ‪#‎Twinset‬ diving and clear blue seas..Why would you not want to join us? Thank you to Ally McDowell for the great photo!

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Sidemount Diving in Egypt

Time for some ‪#‎Sidemount‬ diving in the Red Sea. Technical diving is not just ‪#‎rebreathers‬, and we do it all at Tekdeep Egypt

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A Difficult Commute To The Office

Some days the commute to the office can be so difficult. It is a hard life. When will you be joining us? :)

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Not A Bad Way To Spend The Day

I am sure there are better ways to spend the day...but we really can't think of them :)

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Flat, Calm and Inviting – The Red Sea!

Classic #TekdeepFamily photo today. Taken during one of our Hurghada Dive Fest​ events, look how flat, calm and inviting the sea looks. And people wonder why we suggest that they come to Egypt for diving :)

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Perfect Weather Conditions for Great Diving in Egypt

The sun is shining, the sea is perfectly calm, there is no wind at all...a perfect for diving the Red Sea. Why are you not with us?  

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Lots of Gas, Lots of Cylinders – We are prepared!

Here at Tekdeep Egypt we don't just do courses. We also do fully supported Technical Daily Diving. This means we need to have lots of equipment to support you...and boy do we have lots of equipment :) This includes: 100,000 litres of Gas (Helium and Oxygen), 30 sets of Rebreather Cylinders, Countless Stage Cylinders with high [...]

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