Classic, Snowy Tekdeep Family Photo

Classic #TekdeepFamily photo of our very own Marc Crane, who heads up the Tekdeep Asia​ facility. Taken during a cold visit to the UK a few years ago. We think Marc probably prefers the weather conditions he has now

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Swimming Pool Rules at Tekdeep Egypt

When you are a member of the #TekdeepFamily you are not allowed to take a dip in our swimming pool unless you are in full dive kit :)

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Another Two Tekdeep Family Members

Another 2 great new members of the #TekdeepFamily - We are looking forward to seeing you on more trips soon :)

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Two New Tekdeep Family Members

Two great new members of the #TekdeepFamily - Damien and Eleni. Based on this photo we think tiredness might have been getting the better of Eleni at the end of our week on the SS Maidan  ;)

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Ready to leave for the SS Maidan

The first group of #TekdeepFamily members, all packed and ready to head down to Port Ghalib yesterday. More family photos will follow, during what we know will be a great week of deep technical diving in the glorious Red Sea at Rocky Island....It is a hard life really isn't it?  ;)

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Love Is In The Air

Nobody can deny just how much ‪#‎TekdeepFamily‬ members love each other!

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BBQ Time for the Tekdeep Family in Egypt

Barbecue time for the #TekdeepFamily after a week of Trimix teaching. Well done Tom on passing your course :)

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Getting Ready To Dive During Dive Fest

Long time #TekdeepFamily Member Alan Chestnutt getting ready to dive during Hurghada Dive Fest

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A Very Happy Diver

Classic #TekdeepFamily Photo..What a happy diver :) Share your Tekeep Family photos at: http://dive.im/TekdeepFamily

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Very Happy Tekdeep Family Members

Very happy ‪#‎TekdeepFamily‬ members. If I remember rightly, this was the evening that Brian found the Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misr during Hurghada Dive Fest

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