A Fantastic Multi-Level Mixed Gas Week in Egypt

A fantastic week of multi-level, mixed gas diving at Tekdeep this week with Simon and Julie! We've loved having you here and look forward to you joining us again soon, maybe on MV Legends. Welcome to the #TekdeepFamily 

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Another Successful rEvo Rebreather Course in Egypt

Congratulations to Andrew Davies on joining the rEvolution and becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Diver with Tekdeep Egypt. Look at that smiling face as he sits on our very own technical liveaboard, MV Legends! Well done Andrew! We are proud to welcome to you to the #TekdeepFamily

A Morning at Tekdeep Egypt

This is what a morning at Tekdeep Egypt looks like. When will you join us and become one of the #TekdeepFamily?

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New Hypoxic JJ-CCR Diver at Tekdeep Egypt

Congratulations to Alex West on becoming a Hypoxic JJ Rebreathers Diver this week with Tekdeep Instructor Anze Petric, during a safari onboard our very own MV Legends.   Great work Alex and welcome to the #TekdeepFamily

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Doing What We Do Best – Teaching Technical Diving

Doing what we do best at Tekdeep - Teaching Technical Diving! #TekdeepFamily Member Oliver Wosnitza becoming a Normoxic rEvo Rebreathers Diver

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Simon’s 100th rEvo Rebreather User Course!

Congratulations to Steve Rodts on not only becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Diver this week, but also on completing Simon's 100th rEvo Rebreather User Course!! Welcome to the #TekdeepFamily Steve :) Time flies when you are having fun and the last 100 user courses have certainly been fun for us. We are looking forward to meeting [...]

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Perfect End To A Perfect Day!

The perfect end to a perfect day of exploring the silent world on rEvo Rebreathers! ‪#‎TekdeepFamily‬ relaxing!

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Congratulations Simon Taylor on Becoming a Certified rEvo Rebreather Diver

Congratulations to Simon Taylor from Buckinghamshire on passing his rEvo Rebreather User Course with Anze Petric from Tekdeep Egypt. We hope you continue to enjoy "exploring the silent world" of rebreather diving. Congratulations and welcome to the #TekdeepFamily Simon :)  

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Perfect Weather For Diving in Egypt

The weather is fantastic in Egypt today. Who wants to go diving? Come and join the #TekdeepFamily

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Congratulations to Haukur from Tekdeep Egypt

Congratulations to Haukur Þór Þorvarðarson who became a qualified rEvo Rebreather Diver with Tekdeep Egypt last week. He even got the opportunity to head out on safari with us after his course to get plenty of in-water experience on the unit. Welcome to the #TekdeepFamily Haukur! Here he is with his rEvo Rebreather Instructor Anze [...]

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