We have again booked two weeks in Sudan for 2016 and, just like last year, we are sure it will be a great trip! This year there is another airline, Nile Air that will be flying into Port Sudan. Nile Air will be on Fridays so for 2016 we will be Friday to Friday. In addition to Nile Air who fly from Cairo there is Fly Dubai who fly on Fridays and Mondays from Dubai

There is no point checking flights at the moment as they are not yet released for Port Sudan. It was the same last year. The secret of booking the cheaper flights is to book early. We will inform you when the flights become available.

The Plan

Two weeks or one week, the choice is yours. We will arrive in Port Sudan on the 22nd April 2016 and return back to port on the 29th April 2016. We will then disembark and change over to Week 2 Attendees then head out again until the 6 May. The first week I would like to re-visit the wreck of the Blue Belt, This is a deep wreck carrying Toyota cars. I only got to the bow last year and the wreck lies from 65 to 105 meters. This next year I would like to spend at least two days diving this wreck. If you don’t want to go deep then that’s fine as it is on a reef and in an area with plenty of available shallower reef diving.

The rest of the first week we have the Umbria and there is the other wreck that we did not look for. It would be good to dive it and have a look. There is also Sha’ab Rumi with the schooling Hammerheads and teeming reefs. Sudan is somewhere for the photographers (when I say photographers I mean proper ones, anyone with a GoPro on a selfie stick will have to stay alone in a Zodiac) to go crazy as there is so much to shoot.
The second week will be much the same as the first but without the extended stay on the Blue Belt.
If there’s anything else in Sudan that you’re interested in seeing then just ask and I’m sure that we can fit it into an itinerary.

I do not have a final figure for cost yet but expect around 1500 EURO plus there is a tourist tax of around 300 EURO.If you want to be on the list then let me know as soon as possible and we will be asking for 500 euro deposit for each week when everything is confirmed with the final balance due in February.

To reserve a space on this trip please use the “Reserve Your Space” button below and we can provide you with bank details to make your deposit. Your space will not be reserved until your deposit has been received. 


Image from Sudan 2015 courtesy of Ally McDowell