Summer holidays don’t necessarily have to take place in summer! If you are looking for a holiday that gives you both fantastic weather and amazing diving, these 2 safaris could be for you.

Both trips will be on board our very own Technical Safari Boat, MV Legends and will provide you with a home from home while you are on safari.

October – Gulf of Suez Wreck Hunt

One of the reasons we decided to acquire our very own Technical Safari boat (MV Legends), in addition to diving whenever we want, was to search for the wrecks that no other diving centre or liveaboard travel to. There are over 80 wrecks in the Gulf of Suez that remain untouched and we want to start finding and diving them.

This trip in October 2016 is an expedition to find some of these lesser known wrecks. We will be travelling with full expedition kit and hopefully at the end of the week we will have at least 1 or 2 new wrecks to add to our “Great Northern Red Sea Wrecks” Itinerary.

See the full trip details in our Safari Schedule at:

November – Great Northern Red Sea Wrecks

This will not be your average Northern Wreck Trip but will be a complete tour of the best of wrecks of the Northern Red Sea, with something for everyone.

  • Everything from Shallow Wrecks to 100m+
  • Full Rebreather Support
  • Deep Trimix Available On Board
  • Full Expedition Equipment Available (Helium, Lime, Booster Pumps, Compressors, Stage Cylinders, Rebreather Cylinders)
  • Small Numbers for Maximum Comfort

See the full trip details in our Safari Schedule at:


If you have any questions about either trip, please do not hesitate to contact us