A course with Tekdeep is about more than gaining a certification. Our aim is to not simply teach the basics of the course you are undertaking but to ensure you have a full understanding of the skills, the equipment, the diving physiology and that you leave with a greater appreciation for all aspects of technical diving

Every student who completes a course with Tekdeep comments on how they have not only gained the skills required to complete the course they enrolled on, but that they had also improved their overall skills as a diver

Tekdeep does not exist to simply issue as many certifications as possible, we exist to help divers realise their true underwater potential and this is what sets Tekdeep (and Tekdeep students) apart from other dive centres.

The reach and capabilities of Tekdeep continues to grow and we now operate technical facilities in Asia, Egypt and the UK, together with operating Technical Safaris and Technical Expeditions around the world.


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