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Simon is the founder of Tekdeep who has been teaching Closed Circuit Rebreathers for more than a decade. With experience of owning and teaching with Megalodon, AP Inspiration, AP Evolution, Sentinel and KISS, he now focuses on teaching the rEvo Rebreather from User Level to 100m Mixed Gas. He is also the Instructor Trainer / Manufacturers Representative for rEvo Rebreathers throughout Europe and Egypt.

Sudan 2016 – The Wrecks We Will Be Exploring

For the Sudan trips this year it’s going to be a mixture of wrecks and reefs. Whilst doing some research on what wrecks are available and diveable I was told of an unknown wreck that as far as we’re aware has not been dived. It was spotted some years ago at a depth of around [...]

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Dates Announced for Malin Head, Ireland 2016

We have again booked two weeks with Donald from Mevagh Diving on the Blyth Catamaran Laura Dean for September 2016 to dive the amazing wrecks off Malin Head, Ireland. The Plan Two weeks or one week, the choice is yours. We will arrive in Carrigart on the 3rd September 2016 and start diving on the 4th. [...]

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Why Tekdeep Chooses Otter Drysuits Every Time!

As a active professional in the dive industry I need kit that I can rely on. In the past I've been tempted and persuaded to use equipment that didn't live up to the expectations. I've seen fads and fashion come and go but reliability and quality are kind of there forever, however they are only there forever [...]

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When the holes line up in the cheese

I have heard the analogy about holes in the cheese several times and it pretty much sums up the incident pit. I’ve been diving rebreathers for quite a while now, teaching them for nearly a decade and I have always been interested in rebreather diver incidents. There are many internet forums with sections dedicated to [...]

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Trip Report – Hunting for A Submarine in Sudan

Sudan is quite a remote place, not that easy to travel to and is known to most as a war torn region. Our adventure started in Port Sudan where we boarded the Egyptian boat which was to be our home and dive platform. Diving in Sudan has been possible for many years but technical diving [...]

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Which is the safest rebreather?

Well this is a question that cannot easily be answered. When you look at rebreather incidents it is most likely that the user is major factor. When I review all of my lucky escapes it's because I was lucky, nothing else, but how did I get into that situation? Most of the time is was from [...]

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rEvo Roadshow Updates

Would you like to know more about the rEvo Roadshow and book a try dive? All new information including Dates, Locations and Availability are now available directly from the rEvo Rebreathers UK Website Learn more at http://www.revo-rebreathers.co.uk/revo-roadshow/ or you can contact us for more information

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AP Inspiration Classic Closed Circuit Rebreather

For Sale On Behalf Of Customer - 2004 unit - 22kg wing - Medium lungs & Harness - Coaxial wiring & loom fitted in December 2009 - Unit & handsets fully serviced in December 2009 - All three cells recently changed - First stages serviced March November 2010 - Cylinders o2 cleaned and valves serviced [...]

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