Tekdeep Egypt are able to provide a full range of rEvo Rebreather courses, from Try Dives and Experience Days to 100m Hypoxic Mixed Gas.

From trying the rEvo for the first time and right throughout ongoing education Tekdeep Egypt can help. From our dedicated Technical Facility in El Gouna, Red Sea, Tekdeep Egypt will handle every aspect of your course including Cylinders, Gases, Lime and Boat Diving. We can even help you arrange accommodation and recommend places to eat!

Why Choose Tekdeep Egypt for rEvo?

  • We keep over 100,000 litres of technical diving gases ready for your demands.
  • We have over 30 pairs of rebreather cylinders to suit all units.
  • Ready rigged stage cylinders filled with technical gases. Take what you require for your bailout and you only pay for the gas that you use in the cylinder and a small pumping fee.
  • Molecular Products 797 and Intersurgical Dive Lime 812 carbon dioxide absorbent.


Need More Information?

For more information on rEvo Rebreather Courses at Tekdeep Egypt please do not hesitate to contact us