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Fully Supported JJ Rebreather Safaris

Liveaboard holidays are a great way to spend a week to doing lots of diving, but finding a liveaboard trip that provides the kind of support required for technical diving is not easy. Here at Tekdeep Egypt we specialise in fully supported technical and rebreather safaris.

What We Provide

In addition to taking you to some of the best dive sites in  the Red Sea, some of which are beyond 100m (for those who want them), Tekdeep handle all of your technical diving needs, including:

  • Rebreather Cylinders
  • Carbon Dioxide Absorbent
  • Stage Cylinders (complete with stage kits)
  • Mixed Gas – we travel with large supplies of oxygen and helium for deep diving
  • On Board Gas Blending
  • Technical Dive Guides Capable of Guiding to 100m (CCR Divers)
  • On Board Technical Tuition
  • Scooters (DPV)

All of these facilities are available on every safari we run!

You can learn more about our Technical Safaris at http://www.tekdeep.com/safaris/ or contact us for more information.