There are many different reasons to want to dive a rebreather but it isn’t for everyone. Having a look at one on  the internet or in a shop doesn’t help much either. You could ask a rebreather diver who you know or who you meet on a dive but they will only tell you how fantastic they think it is and how much better the one that they own is to every other rebreather in the marketplace (well you wouldn’t expect them to say that they bought a bad one would you?).

Participating in a Try Dive gives you the chance to see different units and feel them in the water. You can talk to an instructor and have the different options explained and find out what could be best suited to your needs.

A Try Dive experience will start with the explanation of how they work and  what you as a diver need to know to take one in the water. You can expect to be in the water for 30 minutes and you will feel the difference. The aquatic life will react to you in a different way as you now become a part of the environment and not just a lot of noisy bubbles. You will be accompanied at all times and after the dive you can discuss your experience with the instructor.

A CCR “Try Dive” begins with a briefing this explains the workings of the equipment and its operation. Next the equipment is donned and adjusted for fit. Then we enter the water and check that the weighting is correct. When we are ready and comfortable we descend.

On decent we check for bubbles then we perform some basic skills. The maximum depth that we go to 10 metres and the dive should last 30 to 40 minutes at all times on the dive you will be accompanied by a qualified CCR instructor on a one to one basis. One thing that you will find unusual is that you can now talk underwater.

After the dive a debriefing takes place where you will get the chance to ask the instructor any questions.

All equipment use, gas and consumables are provided


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