The Busy Time Continues in Bali

Mixed gas CCR diving still going flat out here at Tekdeep Asia. We have had the pleasure of having Steve and Kyra Cottrell over who have successfully completed their IANTD Normoxic Trimix KISS CCR Diver course. Over 12 hours of in water time dealing with a variety of situations and developing and practicing their survival [...]

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A Great Way To Spend Your Birthday In Bali

Our new IANTD Normoxic Trimix CCR MkVI Diver student Nathan Turnock preparing for the first open water dive today on his very special day. Many happy returns to Nathan for his 40th birthday today. What better way to spend it than a nice 2 hour run time doing skills and drills? He has achieved the [...]

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An Excellent Week of CCR Diving on Bali

Still enjoying excellent diving here on Bali. This week saw Gary Pyle from Perth complete his IANTD Normoxic Trimix CCR Poseidon MkVI Diver at Tekdeep Asia HQ. Lots of drills and skills and a massive learning curve was eagerly eaten up by Gary in the 760 minutes of in water time clocked up. Well done [...]

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Searching The Area With The Help of a Scooter

A great day of discovery and exploration with a couple of new dive sites checked thanks to the Bonex scooter. Amazing landscape and formations on an epic wall with a wealth of critters and creatures, from macro to massive. On the spotted list today on this single 60m dive we had white tip reef sharks, [...]

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