Join Us For A Rebreather Teaching Week on MV Legends

Is it time to move to the next level in your rebreather diving? We have a fantastic opportunity for those looking to train for Normoxic or Hypoxic CCR Diving in the warm waters of the Red Sea. From 14th to 21st March 2017 we have scheduled a unique Teaching Safari onboard our very own technical safari [...]

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A Busy Few Months Ahead for Tekdeep Egypt

A busy few months ahead for Tekdeep Egypt, with courses scheduled for rEvo Rebreathers and JJ Rebreathers plus a few ‪#‎TechnicalSafaris‬ (photo from our tech safari in November last year, because it has both units in it ;) )

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Successful JJ-CCR User Course in Egypt

Congratulations to Alex who has just completed his JJ-CCR User Course with Tekdeep Egypt. After a few gruelling few days with Anze (Gigi), our resident JJ-CCR Instructor and Service Technician, Alex is now fully converted to the silent world of "bubble-free" rebreather diving. Well done Alex, you certainly deserved your certification and welcome to the Tekdeep [...]

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