Join Us For A Rebreather Teaching Week on MV Legends

Is it time to move to the next level in your rebreather diving? We have a fantastic opportunity for those looking to train for Normoxic or Hypoxic CCR Diving in the warm waters of the Red Sea. From 14th to 21st March 2017 we have scheduled a unique Teaching Safari onboard our very own technical safari [...]

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Newly Qualified JJ Rebreather Diver at Tekdeep Egypt

Congratulations to Dan O'Callaghan on passing his JJ Rebreathers user course with Tekdeep Instructor Anze this week. We have certainly enjoyed exploring the silent world with you. Welcome to the #TekdeepFamily Dan!   Maybe your next visit could be a trip on MV Legends to build up those hours, ready for your Normoxic Course :)

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Lots of Gas, Lots of Cylinders – We are prepared!

Here at Tekdeep Egypt we don't just do courses. We also do fully supported Technical Daily Diving. This means we need to have lots of equipment to support you...and boy do we have lots of equipment :) This includes: 100,000 litres of Gas (Helium and Oxygen), 30 sets of Rebreather Cylinders, Countless Stage Cylinders with high [...]

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JJ-CCR Rebreather Try Dives Now Available at Tekdeep Egypt

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new JJ Rebreather Try Dive Service at Tekdeep Egypt. You can now spend a day with Anze Petric, our resident JJ Rebreather Expert and Instructor, to learn everything you need to know about the JJ Rebreather. This gives you a chance to spend an entire [...]

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JJ Rebreather Courses Now Available at Tekdeep Egypt

Learn to dive the JJ Rebreather in the warm, clear waters of the Red Sea! Tekdeep Egypt are proud to announce that we can now offer JJ Rebreather courses from our facility in El Gouna, Egypt. The JJ-CCR Rebreather is designed and built to exceed the expectations of demanding technical divers, but the simplicity of [...]

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