Join Our “Mixed Depth, Mixed Gas” Safari This May

Are you a mixed gas diver? Do you like to dive depths beyond the standard recreational limits? Do you love the Red Sea?  If you can answer yes to these 3 questions, we have the perfect safari for you! Join Tekdeep Egypt onboard our very own specialist liveaboard, MV Legends on the 16th to 23rd [...]

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A New rEvo Rebreather Instructor at Tekdeep Egypt

Tekdeep Egypt are proud to announce that we have a brand new rEvo Rebreather Instructor available for courses in the Red Sea. After an arduous week onboard MV Legends, Alex's hard work paid off and he became the first Egyptian rEvo Instructor. Also, congratulations to Micheala Lancaster on becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Diver and [...]

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Successful rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer Course in Egypt

Congratulations to Jani Santala on becoming a rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer this week with Tekdeep Egypt. Here he is with Simon (rEvo Instructor Trainer Trainer), Barry White from Tekdeep UK and Alex from Tekdeep Egypt! Well Done Jani!

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Successful rEvo Rebreather Crossover in Egypt

Congratulations to Pier Mane on crossing over to rEvo Rebreathers this week. Here he is celebrating with rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Simon Taylor-Watson, beside our very own MV Legends Technical Safari Boat. :)  

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Become a rEvo Rebreather Diver With Tekdeep

This year we have a queue of people looking to become rEvo instructors. We need students for these courses, so if you're looking to move forward into rebreather diving with rEvo Rebreathers, we would like to hear from you. Courses available in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Slovenian, Chinese, Swedish, Croatian, Italian, and Spanish. We [...]

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First Ever MARES/SSI rEvo Rebreather Course Completed by Tekdeep

Congratulations to Gerald Skrobanek, President of MARES/SSI and rEvo Rebreathers on becoming the first ‪rEvo Rebreather‬ student certified under the new SSI rEvo Rebreather Training Program. Here he is with fellow students, Yme Carzana and Sergio Angelini, rEvo Rebreather Instructor Andreas Kron and rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Simon Taylor-Watson from Tekdeep. The first step toward the future of rEvo Rebreathers and rEvo [...]

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Simon’s 100th rEvo Rebreather User Course!

Congratulations to Steve Rodts on not only becoming a certified rEvo Rebreather Diver this week, but also on completing Simon's 100th rEvo Rebreather User Course!! Welcome to the #TekdeepFamily Steve :) Time flies when you are having fun and the last 100 user courses have certainly been fun for us. We are looking forward to meeting [...]

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Space Available On Hypoxic rEvo Rebreather Course This April

Have you been considering becoming a Hypoxic rEvo Rebreather Diver? Tekdeep Egypt have a rEvo Rebreather Instructor Course scheduled this April and we have a place available for one student. Starting 8th April 2015 on board our very own technical safari boat, MV Legends this course will give you the perfect opportunity to progress your [...]

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