A Week of rEvo Rebreather Instructor Training at Tekdeep Egypt

A week of rEvo Rebreather Instructor Training for us this week. We are extremely proud to be welcoming divers from China to the #TekdeepFamily - Here we are during Day One CCR Theory!

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Become a rEvo Rebreather Diver With Tekdeep

This year we have a queue of people looking to become rEvo instructors. We need students for these courses, so if you're looking to move forward into rebreather diving with rEvo Rebreathers, we would like to hear from you. Courses available in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Slovenian, Chinese, Swedish, Croatian, Italian, and Spanish. We [...]

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First Ever MARES/SSI rEvo Rebreather Course Completed by Tekdeep

Congratulations to Gerald Skrobanek, President of MARES/SSI and rEvo Rebreathers on becoming the first ‪rEvo Rebreather‬ student certified under the new SSI rEvo Rebreather Training Program. Here he is with fellow students, Yme Carzana and Sergio Angelini, rEvo Rebreather Instructor Andreas Kron and rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Simon Taylor-Watson from Tekdeep. The first step toward the future of rEvo Rebreathers and rEvo [...]

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Team Tekdeep Back From 9 Great Days at BOOT Düsseldorf 2016

Well it is over for another year and the team from Tekdeep are back in Egypt after 9 fantastic days at BOOT 2016 in Düsseldorf. Based on the rEvo Rebreathers stand we had a great opportunity to meet old friends and talk to new people who are looking to join the silent rEvolution this year. [...]

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Join Tekdeep at BOOT Düsseldorf 2016

BOOT Düsseldorf 2016 starts this weekend. Will you be there? A team from Tekdeep will be at the show representing rEvo Rebreathers so why not pass by and say hello. Come and talk to us about rEvo Rebreathers, Rebreather Training or about our very own Technical Dive Boat, MV Legends. Anze will be at the show [...]

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Barry White Becomes New Tekdeep rEvo Rebreather Instructor for the UK

Congratulations to Barry White on officially becoming the Tekdeep UK Instructor for rEvo Rebreathers! If you are looking for a Try Dive on a rEvo, a Cross-Over Course from another unit or a full rEvo Rebreather User Course in the UK, Barry is now the man you need to speak to! Congratulations Barry, you are [...]

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2 JJ Rebreathers, 2 rEvo Rebreathers and 3 DiveX Sierra Scooters!

It was certainly a good day on the boat for the Tekdeep Egypt team yesterday. 2 JJ Rebreathers, 2 rEvo Rebreathers and 3 DiveX Sierra Scooters. All this combined makes for a great day diving :)  

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