Cancellation of Sudan 2016 Safari

It is with great sadness but we have made the decision to cancel the safari to Sudan in 2016. Whilst we did have a lot of interest in the trip, the low number of confirmed bookings has made the trip financially unfeasible for us. This has not been an easy decision to make but at [...]

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Sudan 2016 – The Wrecks We Will Be Exploring

For the Sudan trips this year it’s going to be a mixture of wrecks and reefs. Whilst doing some research on what wrecks are available and diveable I was told of an unknown wreck that as far as we’re aware has not been dived. It was spotted some years ago at a depth of around [...]

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Sudan 2016 Presentation – Want To Join Us?

If you are considering joining us in Sudan in 2016 but have not yet decided, take a look at this presentation prepared by Riccardo from Zia Amelia which tells you everything you need to know about the boat, the area and the diving. (link will open as PDF document in a new browser window) [...]

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Trip Report – Hunting for A Submarine in Sudan

Sudan is quite a remote place, not that easy to travel to and is known to most as a war torn region. Our adventure started in Port Sudan where we boarded the Egyptian boat which was to be our home and dive platform. Diving in Sudan has been possible for many years but technical diving [...]

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Tekdeep To Hunt For The Lost Italian Submarine In Sudan

I have already had some interest in this trip. Riccardo (from the Italian restaurant “Zia Amelia” in Elgouna) formerly had a safari business in Sudan and he mentioned to me that a World War Two Italian submarine was lost and that a team of tech divers on CCR may be able to get to it. [...]

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