Rebreather diving starts here (MOD1)

The first step on the Rebreather ladder is what is known as MOD1 this course teaches the basic use of a Rebreather and allows the successful student to dive a Rebreather to a maximum depth of 45 metres using air as a diluent (the gas that is used to dilute the Oxygen). To be accepted onto a course the student should already have completed an internationally recognised Advanced Nitrox course and have 100 logged dives. Note:- The Advanced Nitrox course can be undertaken in conjunction with the MOD1 course at the Instructors discretion

When theĀ  MOD1 course is complete and both the instructor and student are confident in the students ability to plan and undertake dives without the aid of a professional then the successful student becomes a Rebreather diver and is expected to maintain and practice the acquired skills.

There are many different ways that courses can be constructed. Six days is the normal duration however we can and will take longer if needed. It will be very unlikely that a course can be effectively completed in less time. We prefer the course to be intensive and run on consecutive days rather than over several weekends.

The location of the course is very flexible and can be conducted virtually anywhere in the world but our base in Hurghada (Egyptian Red Sea) is possibly the worlds top diving destination. We have 360 days a year sunshine and warm clear blue water. Hurghada International Airport is a 20 minutes away and there is accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. We can put a package together, just let us know your requirements.


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