Explore The Silent World With Tekdeep Egypt

From entry level to 100m Mixed Gas Rebreathers, Tekdeep Egypt can take you through every step of your rebreather education
From Advanced Nitrox and Deco to 100m Trimix Diving, Tekdeep Egypt can take care of all of your open circuit training and beyond 
Enhance your diving experiences with our range of Technical Diving SpecialitiesDry SuitsGas Blending, and more..
Tekdeep Egypt can take care of all your technical diving needs. From making that first step into Technical Diving, right through to 100m Mixed Gas Rebreather diving.  
  • rEvo Instructor Course

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  • Alex West JJ-CCR Hypoxic Course

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  • View from the Tekdeep Egypt Technical Facility
  • Scooter (DPV)
  • Trimix Fundamentals
You don’t have to be undertaking a course with Tekdeep Egypt, you can simply join us at our dedicated Technical Facility at the Sheraton Miramar Resort in El Gouna, in partnership with TGI Diving El Gouna. Whether you want to dive for a few days or a few weeks, our team can help you arrange all of the logistics for you.  
    • We keep over 100,000 litres of technical diving gases ready for your demands.
    • We have over 30 pairs of rebreather cylinders to suit all units.
    • Ready rigged stage cylinders filled with technical gases. Take what you require for your bailout and you only pay for the gas that you use in the cylinder and a small pumping fee.
    • Molecular Products 797 and Intersurgical Dive Lime 812 carbon dioxide absorbent.
    • Based in El Gouna (north of Hurghada) the nearest location to the northern wrecks. For us it’s daily diving *
    • Technical Dive Guides Who Can Guide To 100m

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    Schedule Some Daily Technical Diving
    Tekdeep organise a wide variety of diving events around the world. From the very successful Hurghada Dive Fest which is now coming into it’s fifth year to the brand new Asian International Rebreather Event. Learn more by clicking here
     Technical Safaris are just one way that the Tekdeep Team can put you on some of the best wrecks in Egypt. Full technical support available on all trips including Gas Blending, Trimix, Rebreather Equipment and Deep Technical Guides. Learn more by clicking here
    Tekdeep quite often have used diving equipment available on our website which we advertise on behalf of our students who are upgrading to the next level of technical diving. We can also help you locate equipment for you if you wish. Learn more by clicking here

    A Winning Partnership


    For daily diving, Tekdeep Egypt is proud to be in partnership with TGI Diving El Gouna. This makes for a perfect combination if you want to bring a recreational diving friend or partner with you.

    Be sure to ask us for details if you would like to arrange this.